Surrogacy Program

Choose a reputable surrogacy company that delivers results with no hidden fees. IVF Asia Group ensures intended parents that they will be assisted every step of the way.

The Surrogacy Program

The Surrogacy Program is ideal for intended parents who already have available embryos and will only need a Surrogate Mother. It is also recommended for intended parents who experienced multiple failed pregnancies due to Antiphospholipid syndrome or APS. In this program, we help match clients to a Surrogate Mother that’s healthy and biologically equipped to carry the client’s child through extensive lab tests and screening.

Complete Surrogacy Services

This program includes medical care and tests for the surrogate mother, embryo transfer fees, and PSA processing assistance for a more convenient and safe procedure.  
We are also supportive of clients keeping a relationship with their chosen Surrogate Mother, if they prefer. Furthermore, we observe utmost confidentiality.

In-depth Screening of Surrogates

Before matching the surrogates with clients, we thoroughly screen the surrogates and run comprehensive laboratory tests which include infectious screenings, blood tests, ultrasounds, and medical history. To ensure that they are capable of carrying the intended parent’s child, surrogate mothers must also meet requirements related to their age and lifestyle.

The Surrogacy Process