Guaranteed Baby Program

Our 100% guaranteed package or money back program, with a competitive price of 80,000.00 USD/4,800,000.00 PHP involving IVF, with the option to upgrade to PGD — allows for embryo genetic and gender screening to reduce the risk of passing on inherited conditions.

What is Guaranteed Baby Program?

Our Guaranteed Baby Program, with a competitive price of 80,000 USD/4,800,000.00 PHP, covers unlimited IVF procedures until a successful pregnancy is achieved. This program is ideal for parents who want to avoid repeated IVF cycles’ stress and financial burdens. This program includes all associated surrogate care, compensation, medications, examinations, and natural birth expenses.

 This program also requires one to undergo Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) to screen for a range of genetic issues to prevent passing on inherited conditions that may affect the health of the intended child. PGT helps to examine viability for transfer to a woman’s uterus and rule out those embryos that may cause implantation failure, miscarriages, and birth defects. PGT is an important step in the process of assisted reproductive technology and can help increase the success rate of pregnancy and live birth.

Our intended parents trust us to provide them with the best possible chance of having a successful pregnancy through our top-notch Guaranteed Baby Program.

Option 1: Intended Parents (IP) can choose from IVF Asia Group’s wide variety of Egg Donor (ED) candidates in the Philippines.

Option 2: Intended Parents can choose an Egg Donor from our partner donor banks.

Once there is a match between the IP & ED, an initial transvaginal ultrasound with antral follicle count will be done to check the number follicles possible for harvest. Both the IP & ED will also need to complete blood tests needed for medical screening. Once results have been approved by the doctor, coordinators of IVF Asia Group will then start preparing the ED to plan her cycle.

Stimulation for the donor will start on the 2nd day of the ED’s menstruation cycle. For two weeks, the ED will get follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) injections to stimulate follicle growth in the ovaries. Regular transvaginal ultrasounds will also be done to monitor follicular growth

During the EDs stimulation, IPs have the option to do sperm freezing which can be scheduled any time before the egg retrieval or do fresh sperm collection on the day of retrieval

The retrieval process can start once the follicles mature and the eggs are ready for release. The ED will undergo general anesthesia during the process. A transvaginal ultrasound-guided needle technique will be used to aspirate the follicles. Afterward, the thawed semen sample or fresh collection will fertilize the mature oocytes.

After fertilization, the laboratory will closely monitor the embryos’ development under a controlled environment for five days till the blastocyst stage. During this time, the embryologist will get a small biopsied material from the embryo, which will be sent and examined for Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). Results will be released in 2-3 weeks’ time. In preparation for the embryo transfer, IVF Asia Group will inform the number of PGT-tested embryos that will be good for transfer.

Opting for a Surrogate Mother (SM) with IVF Asia Group is available. Before we match with a surrogate, a series of blood tests and ultrasound rechecking will be done to check if they are good candidates for the program. Once the doctors confirm, IVF Asia Group will plan the SM’s cycle along with other SMs.

The FET stimulation process for the SM takes three weeks and starts on the 2nd day of the SM’s menstruation. During this period, the SMs will be taking a variety of medicines and vitamins to help prepare their endometrium for transfer. A series of transvaginal ultrasounds will also be done to check the endometrial thickness and structure in response to the medications given. Once the endometrium is at the right thickness, doctors will then confirm a transfer date.

Embryo transfer is a quick procedure that rarely requires any sedation. During the procedure, a thin catheter containing the number of agreed embryos for transfer will pass the cervix into the uterus, where the embryo will be released. Simultaneously, an abdominal ultrasound will be done to ensure the optimal placement into the uterus.

Fourteen days after the embryo transfer, HCG Blood Test will be done to confirm the pregnancy results. However, if the pregnancy resulted negative, then IVF Asia Group will redo the process and transfer another embryo without the Intended Parent paying additional costs.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed through the beta-HCG blood test, a heartbeat confirmation will be done after two weeks. During the pregnancy, continuous monitoring and medicinal care will be provided. The SM will also be doing regular checkups per trimester, and a Nuchal Translucency scan to check for down syndrome and other inherited chromosomal conditions, a NIPT blood test to check for gender and other genetic diseases, a Congenital Anomaly Scan to check for any anomalies during the baby’s development, and 4D ultrasound to check for the baby’s movement, physical position and features.

Natural Birth Delivery costs are covered and will be done with IVF Asia Group’s affiliated doctor and hospital. However, an additional 2,000 USD will be paid directly to the SM if she needs to go under a C-section. Post-birth fees such as incubation and NICU fees are additional costs. The option of having the SM breastfeed should be negotiated from the start of the program.

We assist with the processing of hospital records and the official birth certificate of the baby, which will be released 3-6weeks after birth.