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6 Things Couples Need To Know About IVF

Not all couples can have kids the conventional way which is why some resort to IVF.

When it’s difficult to have babies the conventional way, a lot of couples resort to doing IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. In Vitro, meaning “outside the body”, is a form of fertilization that doctors do in case of multiple reproductive issues like low sperm count, PCOS, and others. But before getting into it, here are a few things that couples need to know about IVF, courtesy of IVF Asia.

1. Religious-wise, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, a lot of religious people think that IVF is a doctor’s way of “playing God” since it goes against the natural order of how it’s done. But IVF Asia counters it. “This is also part of fulfilling his wish to be fruitful and multiply while becoming stewards of his creations. Keep in mind that IVF isn’t always 100% and we still leave it up to God.”

2. IVF isn’t instant!

IVF is not just one shot and you have a baby. It takes several weeks of preparation. The first phase includes 8 to 10 fertility shots spread across weeks. From the 2nd to the last shot, doctors retrieve the egg and begin injecting the sperm into it for fertilization. The second phase is the preparation of the womb for successful embryo implantation. All of this can take up to 2 months.

3. IVF helps couples avoid a lot of reproductive problems.

A couple’s ability to conceive can be affected by a variety of factors. Some can be because of age, having a hostile uterus, low sperm count, and other reproductive issues. A lot of times, these reproductive problems do not even turn up until much, much later on.

4. Emotional support is part of the process.

A lot of times, stress can cause miscarriages- which is common when there are some people who are quite vocal about how IVF goes against their religious beliefs. Then when the miscarriage occurs, they look on with pity, but that is not supposed to be the case. IVF Asia Group insists that during the process of IVF, doctors should be there to be transparent and always gently nurture and understand couples availing of the procedure.

5. IVF has a higher chance of causing multiple pregnancies.

Being able to conceive twins is normally genetic. This usually happens when one parent is from a family with a history of conceiving twins. But in IVF, multiple implantations or embryos sometimes split after the implant, leading to twins or triplets. However, the ability to keep them is still highly dependent on the body’s health and condition, ranging between 12.1% to 5.3% based on some studies.

6. The technology for IVF needs to be highly advanced.

Technology for IVF needs to be highly advanced as this means guiding things on a cellular level. A lot of testing needs to be done, ranging from blood chemistry to genetics. As coming up with an appropriate diagnosis is key for the process to work so that once the implantation begins, it can do so without a hitch.

A choice that needs to be weighed

IVF, for many couples, can be extremely expensive and disheartening when it fails. However, it is worth noting that this process has helped many couples achieve their dreams of building a family. IVF Asia Group hopes to inform people of IVF and make sure that all couples have a chance to avail themselves of it because for many having a family is their ultimate dream.

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