Oocyte Rejuvenation: An Alternative to Egg Donation

The Oocyte Rejuvenation method, which involves the donation of cytoplasm, is a novel technique in infertility treatment. It offers hope to couples who were previously only offered donor eggs, as it enables them to give birth to a child with their own genetic material. IVF Asia Group is the first in Asia to provide this technique as part of its Oocyte Rejuvenation Fertility Program.

It involves extracting the nucleus of the patient and her husband from the first-day embryo zygote and transferring it into a donor zygote that has had its nucleus removed. This creates a reconstructed zygote with nuclear DNA from both parents and cytoplasmic DNA from the mother and donor. The resulting zygote contains over 20,000 genes from the parents and 13 genes from the donor’s cytoplasmic DNA.

Oocyte Rejuvenation and its Advantages

Oocyte Rejuvenation offers several advantages, including no risk of fertilization, better blastocyst outcomes, and the opportunity for families to have healthy offspring. Though the technique requires specialized medical expertise and manipulation techniques, its potential to provide hope for those struggling with infertility cannot be overlooked.

The Oocyte Rejuvenation is most suitable for women who are of advanced maternal age. The procedure requires a healthy ovarian reserve and a minimum of at least three zygotes (first-day embryos) after fertilization.

The image of two pronuclei will unite to form a single diploid nucleus, making it the beginning of embryonic development. IVF Asia Group 2023.